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April 28th

It has been twenty years.  
Twenty years since David left his place. I remember the crab tree was white with flower and the sky blue as only Calgary skies seem to be.  I remember coming home from school to find everyone at home, gathered in my mom and dad’s bedroom weeping because David was gone.  David, who I admired. David, who was kind.  David, my cousin who I loved.
Twenty years is an absurd number.  

Time is this widening expanse from everything except the loss that still brings tears to my eyes in this public place where I sit this morning.  David passed through water into eternity.  And I wonder if the Holy Spirit is revealing something, and I want to keep my fingers typing so that the thoughts keep coming even though it makes me cry, smearing the eyeliner that I so carefully applied this morning for no reason.
I woke up thinking about David because the twenty-eighth of April never passes without notice, like the birthdays that you learned as a child never leave your recollection; …