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The Hard Way

There is only one way to learn the lessons that you really need to know: The hard way.

There is a story that makes the rounds of my family history wherein I, as a young child, told my mother that I didn't need to learn things the hard way. (Like my brother--it was implied.)  I could learn from other people's examples.  My mother was impressed with my wisdom on such things and unsurprisingly, I started to define myself as being someone who could look at the example of others in order to avoid failure.  Now, this was a great strategy for situations where failure involved really negative things like drugs or promiscuity or what have you.  It was, however, far too narrow a definition of failure to be really helpful in the long term.

Failure, it turns out, is the foundation of success.  Certainly, there are flash in the pan success stories, like the time at the Stampede where I managed to putt a hole in one without ever having picked up a golf club before.  But that hole in one--l…